Scaps: Scala API Search

Scaps is a search engine for discovering functionality in Scala libraries (or in other words, a Hoogle for Scala). You can use both type signatures and keywords in your search queries.


Type Search

Use a type signature in your query and Scaps will retrieve definitions with similar types.

For example, Ordering[String] also retrieves Ordering.String which is a subtype of the query type.

Keywords & Operators

You can use keywords or operator names to search Scaps: |@|

Also mixing keywords and type signatures is possible: max: Int

Scala Docs

When you have found a definition that seems interesting, you can directly navigate to the according Scala Doc entry by using the "Doc" link.



Scaps is an offspring of a master’s thesis by Lukas Wegmann at the University of Applied Science Rapperswil (HSR).